our brand

Created out of a need for more diverse shades in the cosmetics industry at an affordable price, SKNY DIP Cosmetics was born. It is a brand that encourages you to express yourself while still letting your true skin color shine through. We aim to continuously support, uplift, include, and empower all of you globally to be confident in your skin, no matter the shade. SKNY DIP was formed from thinking about one of the most freeing moments one can experience in their skin and this is how we want all of you to feel when applying our cosmetics. 

our products

SKNY DIP is made in the U.S. using ingredients that are actually good for your skin. Our products are inclusive of all shades for those who may struggle to find the right match, without having to break the bank, or face breakouts on their skin due to poor ingredients. We are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and our formulas do not contain parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes or fragrances. Our products are non-comedogenic, meaning no clogged pores, perfect for acne-prone or sensitive skin. 

our founder

Alicia Scott is the woman behind SKNY DIP, starting her career in the New York fashion industry, she noticed the lack of wider shade ranges available during photo shoots and runway shows. This in turn lead her to look at her own make-up collection which was void of foundation due to limited shade availability and numerous brands either out of her budget or breaking out her face. With a passion for creating affordable products tailored towards those who leave make-up shelves empty handed and endless ambition, Alicia knew a better variety of shades at an inexpensive price point was possible. She stopped asking “why can’t there be more shades for us?”and started creating.